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Hello just joined, as I find my self more and more intrigued by the prospect of owning an Alembic. I particularly like the Elan and/or the balance K ( I think that is what they are called) body. As of right now I own several very nice US Handmade B.C. Rich basses,a 2012 Gibson Explorer, a 2010 Spector Forte 4-X(Spector Bird)  and a Fender Jazz 24.  
Having attained all the basses I lusted for as a kid, I am looking for a signature piece for my personal collection. I play mostly metal, but like to play classical etudes as well for the challenge they provide, and the sheer beauty of them.  
I think the craftsmanship  more than anything has drawn me into  the Alembic world, as I admit I have only played an early 80's Spoiler (persuader? not really sure of the difference) but I really dug the humbuckers.