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Updated Posting Guidelines
« on: April 01, 2010, 10:19:24 AM »
Adriaan has penned the following updated version of the posting guidelines for us.
Online since 2002, the Alembic Club is a true community. People love to join the discussions, many of us extend a hand to newcomers, answering all manners of questions that come up. So far, so good.
The one thing we all seem to have in common is our appreciation of Alembic basses and guitars. Beyond that we are a diverse group, who have through our posts developed a practice of treating each other with respect and courtesy, which is reflected in the overall feel of the community. New members frequently remark about how helpful our members are and what a friendly place the club is. This is somewhat unusual compared to other online communities. To help preserve this feeling of community we offer the following posting guidelines.
- Treat all members with respect and kindness, and treat yourself with respect and kindness as well.
- Craft your post as if you expect that the mother of someone you hold dear reads all the posts. Or your own mother, for that matter.
- No sexism, no racism, no politics, no religion. No personal attacks.
- Keep in mind that you do not know where someone else is in life. Respect that all people face good times and bad times, and try not to impose your own mood.
- Try to stay within the best traditions of humor.
- Employ some level of humility. We all love our instruments. We each have our own ideas about what makes a great instrument. But treating each other with respect is to recognize that others have different ideas and that others love their instruments too.
- If someone posts something that makes you angry or upset, pause before responding. Try crafting a response that considers context and employs respect.
- Don?t beat yourself up. We all make mistakes. If you post something that you later regret, just learn from it. Then jump back in and post something else.
- Use the edit button. In the top right hand corner of your post is the edit icon. You can edit a post for up to 72 hours after it?s initially posted. You cannot add pictures in the edit process (but you can delete images). Keep in mind that when you edit a post it does not show up as a new post. The longer you wait to edit a post, the less likely others will notice that it has been edited. Thus editing is more useful when it?s fairly immediate.
- Using ALL CAPS is considered to be shouting, and therefore inappropriate.
- When thinking of copying text or pictures from another site to post on the board, check to see if the site has a copyright message at the bottom of the page. At the very least it may be a good idea to at least reference the other site with a link.
Keep in mind that this discussion board is being provided for our use by our hosts at Alembic, and a link to the board is prominently displayed on Alembic?s web site. We are essentially in their home and we should act as if we were invited into the very living room of the Wickersham household.