Author Topic: Alembic-izing a Hamer Blitz (Explorer)  (Read 890 times)


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Alembic-izing a Hamer Blitz (Explorer)
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:01:44 AM »
Back in September I picked up a 1984 Hamer Blitz bass, which is an Explorer style. Bone stock, right down to the pots, case with key in a Hamer baggie, etc. Excellent, US made bass. Mahogany body and set neck, nice rosewood fingerboard, Schaller bridge and tuners, and DiMarzio pickups. The neck width is identical to my favorite Rickenbacker at the nut and 20th fret (it has 21). It's not quite as thin front to back, but close. SURPRISINGLY lightweight and perfectly balanced. Balance is a big thing for me. I hate neck-dive. And it sounds - just like a P bass! Didn't quite expect that, even though it has PJ pickups. Not a bad thing, especially considering I did not have that sound in my arsenal until now. But... It's really not MY go to sound. I'm pretty much a Ric, T-Bird, Alembic kind of guy. So, to my elaborate dream...
Plane 1/4'' off the top of the body.
Add book-matched tiger stripe maple top with purpleheart veneer.Replace fingerboard with ebony/oval inlays.Install brass nut.MXY pickups.vol/vol/filter witch hat knobs.3-way Q, bass cut/flat/boost, 3-way pickup selector switches.Trans purple finish.
I don't expect that Blitz basses are going to ever be super collectible, but with the originality of this one, i wouldn't do it just out of respect. I would like to find a beater to mod though. =)