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Anniversary Electronics
« on: April 22, 2006, 10:56:55 AM »
The switch nearest the bridge is the pickup selector switch. The four positions are standby, neck pickup, both pickups, bridge pickup.  
The first knob nearest the pickups is the neck pickup volume. The knob below that is the neck pickup low pass filter control. The switch to the right (facing) is the neck pickup Q switch.  
The next three controls are the same thing except they are for the bridge pickup.  
The switch near the jack is a stereo/mono switch for the stereo 1/4 jack.
Basically, the filter control is a low pass filter; as you roll it back it lowers the point at which it passes low frequency signals and blocks high frequency signals. The range is from 350Hz-6KHz. Wherever you set the filter, only frequencies below that cutoff point are passed. The Q switch works in concert with the filter and provides an 8db boost at the cut off frequency you've set with the filter. When the switch is off you get a flat response up to the filter setting. The Q affects mainly the attack portion of the note.