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Tricked out Spectrum Guitar......
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:57:39 AM »
A while ago I was outbid on an opportunity to get one of these which was a 22 fret guitar.  I've always liked that body shape and the three pickup layout is much easier for me to use. Also being a long term strat player the single volume is more instinctive to me as compared to the two volumes and two tones. Two tones I can deal with but prefer a single volume.

I've had an Orion guitar for about 12 years or so and that is a brilliant guitar and I had thought of modifying that to add more pickups.
However i've been thinking lately that It may be best for me to offload my orion and series guitar at some point and have a custom spectrum built the way I want.

So here is what I've been daydreaming about.
Spectrum or Elan body with possibly a maple body, a dark wood top like burl redwood, amboyna or walnut or cocobolo even with a few laminates to give some visual highlights on the body.
Chrome hardware,  5 individulal Str pickups laid out with two at the bridge and two at the neck as dual pickups (humbucker style visually only) and one in the middle.

Might have to go with 22 frets to stop the pickups being crowded. 
Switching options for maximum flexibility would be individual on off bright switches for each pickup but that is gonna be heavy going to switch quickly because of having to turn some off and others on when you change pickup and i don't want a position where all pickups could be turned off unwittingly.

So an alternative is the usual 5 positon blade switch with two additional 3 position switches so that when the blade switch is in positions 1 & 2 or 4 & 5 the three position toggle switch can turn on its respective pair of pickups both on, or either of the two Str pickups on individually.

The middle position 3 would have the neck pickups and bridge pickups on together and of course the 3 position toggle switches would be working in that mode too.
As for tone controls, one filter and 3 position q-switch, bass & treble boost & cut switches like an Europa.

It's the kind of setup I was thinking of modifying my orion to do but without the middle pickup. I'd also like to have it powered from the DS-5 as well as a jack so I have the option of using my existing rack setup with one or two guitar cabs. Anyway what do you think?
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