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Adjustment Key Sizes (Tools)
« on: February 04, 2005, 10:37:54 AM »
For general adjustments: 
truss rods: 1/4 wrench 
nut height: 5/64 hex driver 
bridge height: 5/64 hex driver 
intonation: 7/64 hex driver, ball end recommended
intonation for concealed hardware guitar bridges after 2010: 3/32 hex driver 
hat knob: 1/16 hex driver 
pickup selector/CVQ knob: .050 hex driver 
collet knobs: 6mm nut driver or blade screwdriver
springless pickup height: #0 phillips screwdriver (Xcelite P12SV) 
note: several Xcelite #1 will fit, other makers' #1 may not

spring-mounted pickup height: 3/32 
trimpots: 1/8 blade screwdriver (Xcelite R181V) 
These tools would only be needed for repairs: 
pots: 1/2 nut driver 
stereo jack: 12mm nut driver 
Q-switches: 5/16 nut driver 
note: Xcelite and Snap-On make hollow shaft type that work best
rotary switch: 5/16 or 3/8 nut driver 
bridge aircraft fasteners: 5/32 
Gotoh bass tuners: 15mm 
Schaller bass tuners: 13mm 
Gotoh or Schaller guitar tuner: 10mm
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