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Re: (?) 1977 Alembic Series l Guitar
Mark108 - Today at 05:48:28 AM - Hi Mica, How can I go about getting a value statement for this guitar?...
85 D 3696
edwardofhuncote - Yesterday at 07:15:11 PM - Mica, just picked up this Custom Distillate fretless... most is obviou...


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Re: Jimmy
rustyg61 - Yesterday at 11:03:35 PM - Hey Jimmy, how did the Bass Player Live event go?


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1985 Custom Distillate (fretless)
edwardofhuncote - Yesterday at 07:07:40 PM - Well, I went and did it again folks... but I swear, this is it until r...



Re: Series I or II?
jazzyvee - Yesterday at 11:33:57 AM - I don't know if you are after a 4 or 5 string fretless Hammer but...

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Re: Trade FEELER: MK Dlx/ Series II 5-string for Balance K Heart Omega 5-string
lalogarcia - Yesterday at 02:55:13 AM - Hi'Can you post a picture of your Mark King Bass?Thanks!

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