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Re: Alembic #001 Rick Turner rennovation
Paul Reside - Yesterday at 01:40:55 PM - I really don't think denigrating Ricks work and calling it sloppy...
Re: New Merch!
mica - Yesterday at 08:37:15 PM - I have news! Darkness T-shirts will be here on Monday. They weren'...

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Re: (x) History Request # 98W11724
liam wald - Yesterday at 05:21:42 PM - Thank you for the history update. Best regards,Liam.
Re: (x) Essence 4 ser# 94K8468
nosimplehighway - Today at 12:59:55 PM - If it matters, I bought this bass from Willcutt Guitars in Lexington, ...
1980 Series I - Serial# 801633 USA
jwright9 - Yesterday at 07:01:45 AM - I recently purchased this. Any info on this beauty would be greatly ap...



My first custom order!
Eric1616 - Yesterday at 06:58:26 AM - Hi All, I've been a lurker here for a while, my posts have largel...



Re: Stanley Lighthead - instrumental jazz-funk trio
hieronymous - Yesterday at 08:56:28 PM - Here's one of the live recordings - Wolf recorded it for me, than...
Re: Jazzyvee Gigs 2018
edwardofhuncote - Yesterday at 03:11:39 PM - Sounds like an interesting project, Jazzy... looking forward to the re...
"Trouble Ahead" at EvanstonRocks 26 Jan 2018, Evanston IL USA
tomhug - Yesterday at 06:05:41 PM - My band, "Trouble Ahead", is playing at Evanston Rocks 1012 ...

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Re: Series II Medium Scale on Craigslist
wfmandmusic - Yesterday at 11:20:59 AM - It's waiting for a good home j.

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Re: Value question - Skylark
Deltablue44 - Today at 12:33:58 PM - Did you ever end up selling your skylark? Seriously interested, if it&...

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Re: 2 pc Bass Bridge
Paul Reside - Yesterday at 01:47:29 PM - I sort of assumed Alembic would not sell me one    I'll...
Wanted: Looking for Speakon-->EP-4 speaker cable to run Meyer Sound USW-1 sub
mtjam - Today at 02:22:03 PM - Howdy! As I posted previously, I was given a Meyer Sound USW-1 2x15 su...


rv_bass - Yesterday at 04:04:23 PM - Beastie Boys...”Groove Holmes”...from a cool album of instrumental...
Re: Chips/Dings on Instruments
liam wald - Yesterday at 05:25:35 PM - ... are heartbreaking and make me cry!
Re: My New Grab 'n Go Pedalboard
lbpesq - Today at 03:13:10 PM - I forgot to add that I used 3M Dual Lock instead of velcro.  WOW,...
Re: polishing logo
liam wald - Yesterday at 05:26:29 PM - Quote from: lbpesq on January 15, 2018, 11:06:35 AMFor the logo, I use...
Concert Free Radio at Watkins Glen 1973
StephenR - Yesterday at 05:01:15 PM - Great article about some guys from Connecticut that set up a mobile pi...
My lucky night--advice needed
mtjam - Yesterday at 06:06:05 PM - Okay, okay, I realize my thread title may be a bit misleading!  &...

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