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Re: Sound query - how "Alembic" is a Rogue?
jazzyvee - Yesterday at 04:55:57 AM - All the alembics i've played have the alembic sound an like Keith...

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Re: SF-2 settings
rustyg61 - Yesterday at 04:15:38 AM - It makes sense to pan the instruments according to where they are on s...

Owning an Alembic


Rosewood fretboard care
rv_bass - Yesterday at 04:23:10 PM - I have read a few posts about the use of lemon oil on Alembic ebony fr...


Artists and Their Alembics

Re: Jimmy \
JimmyJ - Yesterday at 09:20:56 AM - Joey,Good question, I don't know if JT has ever played bass. ...



Re: Expecting Owner - '77 Series 1 Long Scale
jonnytb - Yesterday at 05:32:20 AM - Thanks Hieronymous,I've definitely been trying to read up on how ...



Re: Jacko's Gigs
jacko - Today at 02:06:29 AM - The 117 will be heading out to Box in Glasgow this thursday.meanwhile ...

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Re: Spoiler 5-string on Reverb (very nice cond.)
jazzyvee - Yesterday at 05:00:43 AM - It seems we are on the same hymn sheet there edwardofhuncote  &nb...

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Re: WTB Stanley Clark Bass
carsbybigd - Yesterday at 04:45:52 PM - Steve Cool, there is also a great looking SC Alembic on


Happy Birthday to...
edwardofhuncote - Yesterday at 10:05:46 AM - ...Mica!   Many Happy Returns. 
David Houck - Yesterday at 01:27:19 PM - Interestingly, at least to me, and after all this time, I noticed toda...
cozmik_cowboy - Yesterday at 05:44:02 PM - I have just heard that Nicholas Sand passed away in his sleep at age 7...

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