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Re: Strings for my new 1988 Spoiler?
tomiv9 - Yesterday at 07:28:36 AM - I really like the DR Nickel Lo Riders(45-105). Very warm sound. They d...
Re: How many Distillates were made? Any one have good idea?
rjmsteel - Yesterday at 09:49:05 AM - Add one more...


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Re: Interesting Modulus 12 string neck through with a nod to Alembic
bluplirst - Yesterday at 01:45:04 AM - Quote from: tx196059 on March 10, 2017, 04:24:19 PMARRRGGGGGG!!!! Why ...
Series I Long scale 1978. Owned & Played by Bob Burch. ELTON JOHN BAND
jazzyvee - Yesterday at 02:25:53 AM -
Alembic Essence 5 in Norfork, Va.
dtothec - Yesterday at 08:48:44 AM -
F-1X in DC Area $575
dtothec - Yesterday at 09:00:07 AM -
F-1X in DC Area $575
dtothec - Yesterday at 09:01:55 AM -

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Re: [SOLD] Superb Stanley Clarke Signature Deluxe with options - 2008 - $4,500
hieronymous - Today at 09:07:16 AM - Sorry you had to let it go but congrats on the sale! Looking forward t...
Re: For Sale: 1987 Series 1 Body with Spoiler Electronics
edwardofhuncote - Yesterday at 06:00:21 PM - Now that is a nice combination!  I believe that bass has Persuade...
Warwick streamer LX lefty Alembic Pups
count - Today at 10:18:24 AM - I'm selling off my Warwick Streamer LX lefty with Alembic pups.I&...


sonicus - Today at 09:19:44 AM - Great views of Mr. Jack Casady playing Alembic 72-001 !  !!!!!ht...
Re: The (unofficial) Upright Bass Showcase Thread
CaseyVancouver - Yesterday at 03:00:39 PM - This is not my main instrument. That upright gets gigged and amplified...
Re: Fleetwood-Mac saddling up for 2018 Tour
CaseyVancouver - Yesterday at 07:38:06 PM - This recalls fond memories of seeing them in 1971 at the Gardens in Va...
Re: MusicNomad F-One oil for fretboards question
cozmik_cowboy - Yesterday at 07:00:40 AM - Quote from: mica on March 27, 2017, 07:37:15 PMI have heard from a fri...

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