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Re: Fretless Alembics; side markers, lines, dots, etc...
edwin - Yesterday at 09:47:34 AM - Quote from: hankster on September 24, 2017, 05:02:35 PMAh, Simandl.&nb...
Re: Too much Mids?
edwin - Yesterday at 09:54:33 AM - My personal approach to mids is to bring them in enough so that the va...
Re: Alembic #001 Rick Turner rennovation
edwin - Yesterday at 09:49:54 AM - Quote from: CaseyVancouver on September 22, 2017, 09:21:02 AM Restore ...

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Re: Replacement 1/4 output jack for Series bass
mica - Yesterday at 03:21:03 PM - 2 isolated form "C" contact (break before make) SPDT switche...

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Re: (x) 92U7319 USA
mica - Yesterday at 01:53:19 PM - Thanks, Paul! You stated it more clearly that I did. Everything about ...


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Re: 78-1249 Cocobolo Series 1 Medium Scale Bass
edwardofhuncote - Yesterday at 01:57:14 AM - That is a thing of beauty, Garth.  Love how you 'captured�...


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Re: Scorpion Distillate on Reverb
hieronymous - Yesterday at 07:30:31 AM - Wow - that is really cool - looks like a decent price too. The knobby ...

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Re: For Sale F1X
rv_bass - Yesterday at 09:27:35 AM - Item sold...thanks.
Re: Feeler FT: David King Bass for Alembic.
edwin - Yesterday at 10:03:41 AM - Sweet bass! In much better aesthetic shape than mine, although mine ha...

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