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Re: Can i please get the history 00X12470USA
mica - Yesterday at 06:39:29 PM - Hi Craig, Looked up the details in the file. This is what I would cons...
Re: 98W11342
mica - Yesterday at 06:28:31 PM - Hi Bill, Here's what I found in the instrument file:top: Flame Ma...
Re: SN 91K6383 - '91 Essence
mica - Yesterday at 06:58:08 PM - Very nice Essence bass! This was from the early days of the Essence ba...
Re: 1997 Rogue 5 S/N 97Q10885
mica - Yesterday at 06:48:09 PM - Beautiful Bubinga bass, Roy. Here's the details from the instrume...
Re: SN 1775 Series 1 Koa made in 1981
mica - Yesterday at 07:12:44 PM - Here's the details from the instrument file:model number: MBI4top...
Re: Series I #76 573
mica - Yesterday at 07:06:14 PM - Hi Joel,Here's what I found in the instrument file. There's ...
Re: 1984 Spoiler 84S3411
mica - Yesterday at 07:16:03 PM - Hi Craig, Like I mentioned, you have a pretty Koa topped bass Here...


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Re: Alembic-like
dtothec - Today at 01:59:19 PM - The Mercadolibre $8,000 bass has the same original bridge that came on...
5 String SII Fretless on Reverb
rv_bass - Today at 11:52:58 AM - Five string fretless Series II on Reverb... Hammer, calling Hammer htt...

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Re: Power supply needed
rv_bass - Yesterday at 03:45:16 AM - The price of the used one on eBay is higher than a new one, and I thin...


pauldo - Yesterday at 06:15:46 PM - Quote from: slawie on November 16, 2017, 08:51:13 PMI’m at work and ...
Re: Barefaced vs Bergantino cabinets
jazzyvee - Yesterday at 02:06:40 AM - After a lot of reading and procrastinating about Barefaced, and still ...
Re: Amazing Wood Database
acoustic1 - Yesterday at 05:43:59 AM - A bit about Bubinga!!!!
AC/DC's Malcolm Young RIP
funkyjazzjunky - Today at 07:40:01 AM - Listening to Dirty DeedsVMG

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